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What is the main difference between solar energy as clean energy and other sources of clean energy?

The main difference between solar energy and other sources of clean energy such as wind energy, hydro energy, biomass, geothermal, etc. is that each person on Earth can contribute personally to the cleaner tomorrow by using clean energy from solar modules. This is the only source of clean energy that everyone can use personally. All other sources are exploited by companies to combat climate change, solar energy can be used also by residential customers to power their homes, vacation houses, boats, etc.

So, every one of us can personally contribute to a cleaner tomorrow!

What are the advantages of solar modules?

Using solar modules to produce electricity is the cleanest energy in the world. We use the sun, the most abundant energy on Earth. It’s endless. It’s clean. It provides 10.000 times more energy than the world needs.

As the technology progresses, solar module technology can provide you clean energy for generations to come! With every installed solar panel, we contribute to reduction of C02 emissions and combat climate change that is, year by year, causing more and more damage. We face more and more fires, higher and higher temperatures, floods, and other natural disasters. Solar energy doesn’t burn fuel and the best thing is, it’s available and affordable by anyone. 

Does solar power work as expected under low light conditions?

Direct and strong sunlight is necessary for solar modules to produce power and perform best. As the sun goes down and when it starts rising, the low light impacts the performance of modules.

Luxen Solar TOPCon Series, compared with standard technology on the market, respond better to low light conditions and produce electricity for up to 2 more hours (in the morning and in the evening) than technology used so far. 

If I live in an area with high humidity, how can I make sure it doesn’t affect the performance or durability of my solar installation?

LUXEN Solar uses special material for the production of its TOPCon modules that prevents the moisture to enter the module and impact it’s performance. For more details, you can reach out to us through our contact form on the site.

Why is the warranty of solar modules important?

There are 2 types of warranties, product warranty and performance warranty.

Both are very important, and both reflect the durability and performance of modules. Standard product warranty of solar modules is 12 years. 
Luxen Solar offers up to 20 years of product warranty because it performs very strict and numerous quality controls above standard in its factory to ensure to clients long and highest performance.

Can solar energy be stored?

Yes, it can, if you have battery storage.

Do solar panels work at night or with moonlight?

No. Simple as that. And don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. Solar modules need sunlight., if you have battery storage.

Is solar energy expensive?

What is expensive and what not is subjective matter. The fact is, that solar energy has become less and less expensive and has become affordable to everyone. Many governments provide incentives and offer financial support to its citizens for solar installations, and solar modules technology has advanced extremely the last few years to provide more durable and efficient solutions. So, looking at the initial investment and the fact that the installation has to produce electricity for decades, it definitely pays off.

Do solar panels need a lot of maintenance?

No, solar panels do not need maintenance often. It is advisable to clean them occasionally from dust, dirt or snow, as this can lower their performance. 

Can solar panels store energy for night use?

The solar modules themselves cannot store energy, you would need a battery to store it and use the stored energy during night.

Why should I trust Luxen Solar?

Luxen Solar is in solar business for almost 20 years. Our core business is production of PV modules. Years of research and development has made us experts in our business. We have been awarded as one of the most influential brands as well as most innovative PV module enterprise in the last years. Industry acknowledgments are a result of good reputation and clients’ satisfaction. Transparency, honesty, keeping our word, combined with exceptional products is why our clients trust us and stay with us.

Is LUXEN Solar Tier 1 supplier?

Yes, Luxen Solar is Tier 1 listed manufacturer according to the Bloomberg’s Tier 1 list. Tier 1 status means financial stability and bankability of solar manufacturers.

Why should I buy Luxen Solar modules?

Our factory is equipped with the most advanced robotics technology that ensures predictive analysis, precise monitoring and flawless manufacturing. We have several steps of stringent quality control until we are satisfied enough to release the product for sale.

Our warranties speak for themselves. We provide up to 20 years product warranty on the market where standard warranty is 12 years.

We provide up to 8 years more, because we believe in our products. In their quality, durability and top performance.

What kind of application are LUXEN solar modules suitable for?

We produce modules for every application: rooftops (residential/commercial/industrial), utility-scale (ground-mounted), on and off-grid.

What module types does LUXEN Solar offer?

LUXEN Solar offers standard modules, full black modules and bifacial modules. 

What is so special about LUXEN Solar cells?

LUXEN Solar uses non-destructive Laser Cutting Technology that increases flexural strength and mechanical performance.

What is the advantage of Luxen TOPCon modules?

Luxen TOPCon modules have numerous advantages. Our N-type solar cells are doped with phosphorus, which significantly reduces degradation of modules. With standard technology used in the last years on the market, modules produce, after 30 years only 85% and LUXEN’s TOPCon produce 87,4%. 
LUXEN TOPCon modules have better resistance to high temperatures, which means the efficiency of TOPCon modules will be higher in hot climates compared to standard technology. 
TOPcon modules have a higher efficiency in low light condition, in the morning and evening. 

How much more yield can be achieved with LUXEN bifacial modules?

LUXEN Series N – TOPCon products have approximately 15% higher bifaciality than standard bifacial modules on the market and can generate up to 4.6% more electricity gain under different reflection conditions.

Do LUXEN Solar modules perform well in hot climates?

Yes, Luxen Solar modules perform extremely well in hot climates, with Pmax coefficient of – 0.29%oC in comparison to standard modules used in the last years on the market with – 0.35%oC. That means that LUXEN Solar TOPCon modules don’t heat up so much in hot climates in comparison to standard technology and we all know that higher temperature reduces the efficiency and performance of modules. So, our modules stay “cooler”.

Why are LUXEN Solar TOPCon modules more resistant to heavy load?

LUXEN Solar uses special frame technology with reinforced frame thickness and optimized design to withstand heavy load and pressure. Our frame has extremely high bending strength and resistance in harsh climate conditions, especially in high salt mist environment, increased chemical influence, extremely high temperature and increased humidity. Our frame is 3 times more resistant to mechanical pressure than aluminum frames used on the market and has extremely low carbon footprint – 9 times less CO2 emissions than in production of aluminium frames. 

There are stories on internet about fake modules, how do I know I have bought module really produced in Luxen’s factory?

LUXEN Solar issues to its distributors a Distributor Certificate that has unique Number, date and validity. Ask the distributor or re-seller offering Luxen modules, to provide you with such certificate. If you still have doubt, send us an email to and we will let you know, if the company that offers you our modules, is indeed our client, has purchased modules from us and the certificate is genuine.
If you are end customer who is installing modules on his rooftop, you can send us the serial number of each module, which is located on the back side of the module.