Luxen solar - passed enhanced quality test

[December, 2023.] – Navigating the ever-changing landscape of photovoltaic modules is no easy feat, especially with the rising power demands and expanding sizes in today’s solar industry. Luxen Solar proudly rises to the occasion, unveiling breakthrough in module materials.

Luxen Solar’s Topcon series surpassed the standard for heavy snow loads of 5400 Pa – as required by the IEC norm – with an impressive resistance of 6,200 Pa to mechanical loads.

The stringent tests of Luxen Solar’s Topcon modules was conducted by Changzhou Huayang Inspection and Testing Technology Co., Ltd, the official laboratory of TÜV SÜD in China. This third-party testing agency is internationally recognized, specializing in comprehensive testing, inspection, analysis, evaluation, manufacturing supervision, and due diligence of photovoltaic products and photovoltaic power plants.

This remarkable accomplishment not only exceeds but also demonstrates Luxen Solar’s unwavering commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions to meet the evolving needs of the solar market and to provide to clients not only the best quality but also to exceed standard norms.

Embrace the future of solar energy with Luxen Solar’s Topcon series, which seamlessly integrates high-power, high-efficiency, and unparalleled snow-load resistance.

About Luxen Solar:

Luxen Solar is a Tier1 solar module manufacturer recognized with numerous industry awards for quality and excellence –  dedicated to delivering cutting-edge photovoltaic modules. With a commitment to excellence & reliability, Luxen Solar continues to deliver  high-performance solar modules all over the world, that meet the dynamic demands of the evolving energy landscape.

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