Luxen Solar Triumphs in BloombergNEF’s Q3 2023 Tier 1 Ranking, Affirming Unwavering Commitment to Excellence

Luxen Solar, a global leader in solar energy solutions, proudly announces its triumphant position in the prestigious BloombergNEF Q3 2023 Tier 1 list, solidifying its status as a beacon of excellence in the photovoltaic (PV) industry.

BloombergNEF, renowned for its meticulous evaluation of PV module manufacturers, employs a tiering system that scrutinizes companies based on financial health, production capacity, and industry reputation. Luxen Solar has not only met but exceeded the stringent criteria, showcasing unwavering dedication to the highest standards of performance.

The Tier 1 ranking is no mere accolade; it is a testament to Luxen Solar’s exceptional financial stability, robust production capabilities, and sterling industry reputation. To achieve this prestigious recognition, Luxen Solar’s in-house-manufactured PV modules have powered projects exceeding 1.5 MW, financed by six diverse non-development banks over the past two years. This rigorous selection process underscores Luxen Solar’s reliability and fundability, making it a standout choice for partners seeking quality and trustworthiness.

Luxen Solar invites businesses worldwide to join forces and embark on a journey of innovation and sustainability. As a Tier 1 company, Luxen Solar guarantees not only reliability but also a commitment to delivering top-notch products that meet and exceed customer expectations. Partner with Luxen Solar and elevate your projects with cutting-edge solar solutions backed by a name synonymous with excellence.

Luxen Solar, with its global reach, invites businesses from all corners of the world to explore the possibilities of a reliable partnership. Now is the time to collaborate with Luxen Solar and revolutionize the solar energy landscape together.

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About Luxen Solar: Luxen Solar is a leading global provider of solar energy solutions, committed to delivering top-tier photovoltaic modules and unmatched reliability. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, Luxen Solar is reshaping the future of solar energy one project at a time.

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