Luxen Solar delivers TOPCon modules for a major Slovenian PV solar Project

Luxen Solar announces the successful installation of the second largest Slovenia’s solar projects to date: the 3.3 MW rooftop installation for the Port of Koper.

The project was entrusted to local engineering company RIKO d.o.o. With a rich legacy dating back to the 19th century, RIKO d.o.o. is renowned for its expertise in delivering a multitude of successful projects across various sectors, including technical engineering, energy systems, environmental protection, and civil engineering.

We are thrilled that Luxen’s cutting-edge 475Wp TOPCon bifacial double-glass PV modules were selected to power this vital infrastructure project, guaranteeing clean and sustainable energy to the port of Koper for decades. This collaboration underscores the confidence that RIKO d.o.o. has placed in Luxen Solar’s innovative solutions and commitment to excellence and integrity.

Slovenia, a country with vast opportunities in the field of solar energy, has been steadily expanding its renewable energy capacity. In 2019, Slovenia installed 313 MW in solar energy capacity, aligning with its plans to increase sustainability in the economy up to 2030.

As Luxen Solar celebrates this milestone, we recognize the broader context of Slovenia’s commitment to renewable energy. With approximately 120 million EUR of EU funds allocated for increasing energy production from renewable sources by 2027, Slovenia continues to pave the way towards a more sustainable future.

As we look ahead, Luxen Solar eagerly anticipates further collaboration with partners in Slovenia, driving the transition towards a sustainable energy landscape.

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About Luxen Solar:

Luxen Solar is a manufacturer of latest technology, innovative solar modules. Since its establishment in 2005 in Spain, Luxen has grown to a current production capacity of 3GW (10GW by 2026). The company now employs more than 500 people worldwide. Our Industry 4.0 production facility features state-of-the-art robotic and AI equipment. In 2023, Luxen became a publicly traded company.

Committed to delivering highest-quality products worldwide with a focus on excellence, reliability and transparency, Luxen Solar strives to accelerate the global adoption of renewable energy.

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