With the economic development of the earth, the exploitation of natural resources is less and less. With the implementation of sustainable ecological development by the United Nations, people began to use wind, water and solar energy resources.

Solar energy resources have obvious advantages of renewable, low cost and convenient access to materials. How to make effective use of solar photovoltaic technology has become the key research object of relevant scholars, especially in the plaza design. This paper focuses on the significance of the application of solar photovoltaic technology in the plaza design, and then analyzes what should be followed in the application process

1. Advantages of Solar Photovoltaic Technology

Realize Low Carbon Life

With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, higher requirements are put forward for public service facilities. The plaza design requires not only simple needs such as lighting, but also domestic water technology, heating, refrigeration and sound. And these facilities will consume a lot of power resources, so using solar photovoltaic technology can effectively save electricity resources and improve the urban environment and the quality of national life.

Reduce Environmental Pollution

The use of solar photovoltaic technology can solve the problem of environmental pollution and meet the human resources needs. This technology in the plaza design can not only avoid environmental pollution caused by the consumption of conventional resources, but also effectively protect the ecological environment, playing a positive role in haze prevention.

Optimize the Energy Structure

China’s energy structure is mainly coal, oil and natural gas, and these conventional reserves are very effective. Therefore, the use of solar photovoltaic technology in square design can not only meet people’s demand for energy, but also reduce the speed of conventional energy consumption and optimize the energy structure.

3. Application Principle

Highlight Lighting Design

With the gradual enrichment of people’s night life, square lighting has become a key issue in the construction of urbanization. As a kind of night scene technology, square lighting plays an important role in urban and rural development. Only by making full use of solar photovoltaic technology and installing high-quality solar panels can the design adapt to local conditions and achieve good results.

Integrate Local Architectural Design

The application of solar photovoltaic technology in the plaza design should first consider the local situation, such as architectural design style, lighting factors and so on. In addition, it also needs to meet the most basic aesthetic needs. At present, the most popular all black solar panels can match almost all buildings and have a good visual effect.

Realize Energy Ecology

In the design process, ecological energy and materials should be used as much as possible, and the principle of recycling must be followed. Choosingbifacial solar panels can improve the absorption of sunlight and better achieve sustainable development.

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