Luxen Solar is an international enterprise dedicated to the production and sales of high-power, low-attenuation solar photovoltaic modules. It is in a leading position in the fields of high-efficiency output and intelligent control of photovoltaic modules.

The company was established in Spain in 2005. After more than ten years of industrial development, Luxen Solar has provided nearly 800MW high-efficiency solar photovoltaic modules to nearly one million users in more than 30 countries and regions.

The company has always been committed to the globalization, looking at the global industrial layout. At present, it has set up branches and production bases in Spain, Japan, Australia, India, Mexico, China and other places, among which the manufacturing plant in Suzhou has an annual capacity of 700MW.

The company has also made huge continuous investment in the research and development of new technologies to improve photoelectric conversion efficiency. It has established long-term cooperative relations with Spanish CENER National Laboratory, Soochow University and other institutions, constantly challenging the international cutting-edge solar photovoltaic technology. Notable achievements have been made in the field of high-efficiency solar photovoltaic power technology.

At the same time, Luxen Solar is also actively cooperating with insurance institutions and financial institutions. Our photovoltaic modules have 25-year product warranty underwritten by Chinese and international first-tier insurance companies.

1. The Quality of Solar Panels

Our company is a professional solar manufacturing factory certified by ISO 9001 & 14001. We have fully automatic production lines and the most advanced technology to ensure that the quality of solar panels is the most reliable and meets international standards.

Automation is the best way to reduce costs and maintain stable quality. In addition, we are implanting MES&ERP systems to fully monitor production process. Less human involvement in production means fewer human errors. Due to the reduced labor intensity of workers, the production efficiency is improved. The modular production system can achieve rapid delivery and save costs. Real-time monitoring and recording quality can enable us to continuously improve the shortcomings.

We have set up strict quality testing standards to ensure the long service life of solar panels. Our rigorous performance and durability tests guarantee the worry-free operation of your solar photovoltaic modules for decades.

2. Advanced Technical Support

We have the most advanced twin panel technology. This technology halves the electric current of the solar cell and effectively reduces the internal electric resistance on the cell ribbon and increases the module power by 2%. The twin panel design minimizes the power loss in shading conditions, hence improves the system mismatch and heightens the efficiency of the solar PV system.

By halving the electric current of both the solar cells and the cell-strings, the hot spot temperature can be reduced by 50%, which enhances the reliability of the PV module.

In comparison with the conventional 5 busbar design, the innovative multi-busbar design on the cell can shorten the current collection transverse path by 50% and thereby remarkably reduce the cell internal resistance, which contributes a 1% – 1.5% increase in the power output.

Being recognized as an emerging international solar brand, LUXEN adheres to the corporate philosophy of delivering reliability and values to the customers. Through its international network with the global presence of its solar modules in more than 60 countries, LUXEN is your ideal partner for reliable solar energy.

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