Luxen Solar Highest Durability TopCon PV modules

Luxen TOPCon modules are designed to withstand even the most extreme weather conditions, underscoring our commitment to the highest quality standards.

In adherence to the IEC 61215 series, Luxen modules not only met but surpassed stringent hail test requirements of IEC 61215.

Our TOPCon modules underwent a meticulous hail test, replicating natural hailstone impact on the module’s surface in laboratory settings. Artificial ice balls, with a diameter of 30mm and impacting at a velocity of 23.9 meters per second, were used to simulate heavy hail conditions, exceeding the IEC standard requirement of 25 mm hail ball at 23 m/s. The test was conducted by Changzhou Huayang testing intsitute, the official TÜV SÜD lab in China. 🛠️

Post-test evaluation revealed that Luxen TOPCon modules exhibited an undamaged surface with no discernible micro-cracks, as verified by EL examination. This outcome underscores the modules’ capability to endure high-speed impacts during extreme hail weather conditions, ensuring their resilience, safety, and unwavering reliability.

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